Gwyneth said: A couple of years into my career I honed my craft - it s not just about the sex - it s also being able to meet client s fantasies and also be a companion as well and be a good listener. info) Read More Her new book, The Secret Taboo - The Ultimate Insider s Guide To Being a Financially Successful Escort, details how to be financially successful in the industry. While many of her friends became doctors and lawyers, in her 12 year stint from lap dancing to becoming an escort, Gwyneth managed to sleep with 10,091 men and kept a journal recording every single one. In 2014, she told she became hooked on her champagne and cocaine lifestyle afforded by her romps - 90 per cent of which were with married men. She said: I journalised it - it sort of started as a bit of a joke, I thought I d write down my experiences to help me cope with it. The former sex worker says men want women to want them badly (Image: gwynethmontenegro. She said a combination of being ruthlessly bullied throughout her childhood and having seriously low self esteem sent her spiralling down to the dark depths of the sex industry. She coyly admits to her friends at parties that one of her best ever clients in terms of performance, was actually an 84-year-old man. Gwyneth, 39, said a lot of her clients wanted to feel masculine again. The surprises also extended to how women dressed - she said women should not dress in an overly revealing manner as mystery was important.

Just because men get married, they don t turn off that part of them and if the woman does not put out for a long time, men can t turn off their biological desire to have sex. After more than a decade in the adult industry, Australian woman Gwyneth Montenegro, 39, has detailed her experience and sexual wisdom in a new book. She had said: At school I was bullied because I was very shy and introverted person - I was an easy target. “(Women need to) make it look like you want him bad and are enjoying him so much (even if you aren’t),” she told the paper. info) I was just a normal person at home down your street, the girl next door type who you wouldn t expect at all to be an escort. It s not something I set out to do but the cocaine and champagne high life is very addictive - then all of a sudden 12 years of your life is gone, just like that. Montenegro details how men prefer women with small boobs with a real feel (Image: gwynethmontenegro. And they really wanted a connection and conversation with the woman they were paying. Montenegro said the most important thing for clients was the “feeling of being needed and wanted by a horny woman , The Sun reports. info) It was all about attention, she said.

I also had very low self esteem at the time, so a combination of those two made me feel not too good about myself. info) As one of my clients put it I love my wife so much I m so in love with her but we don t have sex, I only have sex three times a year and I m a red blooded man I can t deal with that questions to ask men while dating. She said she is glad to be away from the industry and now teaches women how to understand men and make the most of their relationships..
. She says there is a market among males for all sorts of breasts (Image: gwynethmontenegro. Mirror Online previously reported how Montenegro cashed in $2,000 (£1,150) a night from her punters. It s simple - men do not cheat if they are getting all the sex they want in the marriage. Clients really wanted a connection and conversation with the woman they were paying, she said (Image: gwynethmontenegro. ...

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